Of ELKS and Whales: Logging In a Dockerized World

July 18, 2018 05:15

Logging remains one of the most valuable ways to troubleshoot and monitor our applications, but in software development today, the task has become extremely difficult due to the nature of modern environments – for gaining effective visibility into a containerized environment, we need to overcome the challenge of both transiency and distribution.

In this talk, I will detail both the challenges facing us when attempting to log containers and some of the most common solutions. I will focus on using the ELK Stack for centralized logging and also explore the combination with the newest kid on the block - machine learning, to actually extract insight from the data.



Daniel Berman


Evangelist @Logz.io, talking and writing about ELK and other DevOpsie stuff. SitePoint and Linux.com contributor, DevOpsDays organizer.

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