Testing & Integration (The Remix)

April 23, 2015 00:00

Given at CraftConf 2015: http://craft-conf.com/2015 Accompanying talk repo: https://github.com/randommood/Craftconf2015 Video: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/61449003

Let's face it, testing distributed systems is hard. Large number of inputs, partial failures, and asynchrony make these systems seemingly impossible to verify. Formal testing methods are onerous and system correctness continues to elude us. Despite the difficulty, we need to have a way to change our systems with confidence. Integration and unit tests are vital to our sanity and we know it's good for us to use continuous integration to ensure functional consistency across our products.

Come to this talk for a fresh and practical look into the various aspects of distributed systems testing and integration. We will cover CI pipelines: their strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improvement them. Get ready to rediscover the untapped power of your integration practices and develop a burning desire to make them more awesome!



Ines Sombra


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