We hear you like papers - QCon Edition

November 17, 2015 00:00

QCon SF 2015: https://qconsf.com/sf2015/keynote/so-we-hear-you-like-papers Repo: https://github.com/Randommood/QConSF2015 Given with Caitie McCaffrey - https://twitter.com/caitie | https://speakerdeck.com/caitiem20

Surprisingly enough academic papers can be interesting and very relevant to the work we do as computer science practitioners. Papers come in many kinds/ areas of focus and sometimes finding the right one can be difficult. But when you do, it can radically change your perspective and introduce you to new ideas.

Distributed Systems has been an active area of research since the 1960s, and many of the problems we face today in our industry have already had solutions proposed, and have inspired new research. Join us for a guided tour of papers from past and present research that have reshaped the way we think about building large scale distributed systems.



Ines Sombra


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