Foundations of Zend Framework

September 11, 2015 00:00

Full frameworks are heavy, slow, and coupled internally, forcing us to create applications tightly coupled to a toolset. On the other hand are microframeworks leading to a NIH (Not invented here) approach because of missing functionality, with a minefield of tradeoffs connecting to other components.

Zend Framework 3 (ZF3) features fully separated components, and is blazing fast (up to 15X) with newly rewritten Service and Event Managers. We'll see beginning skeleton apps that leverage ZF3 as a PSR-7 middleware microfamework, or as a full stack framework, with highly connective APIs. Code samples of the foundational pieces; Event Manager, Service Manager, and Module Manager, will be shared allowing attendees to quickly get started using Zend Framework 3.



Adam Culp


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