Science of buzzwords

November 21, 2017 16:16

Have you seen those TV shows full of YouTube videos in which people do stupid things? If you haven't, ask your children, I bet they have! My kids' favorite are those also providing an explanation of the basic laws of physics causing the failure. Watching some of those I came to realize it's not too different than some software projects. Following blindly a trend and failing due to the lack of appropriate knowledge, experience or analysis, is so common in our industry that it deserves a show on it's own. Well this talk will not make it into your favorite TV channel, but it will show you some "interesting" stories which we'll try to reason about and point to the basic laws in software development and computer science.



Milen Dyankov


Developer Advocate at AxonIQ on a mission to help fellow Java developers design and build clean, modular, and future-proof software

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