Rapid Productyping With Hoodie

October 28, 2015 13:46

This talk is an introduction to the concepts behind the Hoodie Open Source web framework.

Hoodie is a complete backend written in Node.js and CouchDB, with an in-browser frontend API that makes it a snap to pick up for anyone who’s at least versed in copy and pasting some jQuery code.

More advanced developers will find a rapid-productyping (i.e. your prototype can go into production) framework that abstracts away all the common things a web app needs (oh, and native frontends are possible too). It comes chock-full with best practices and killer features, like offline-first, and noBackend, and dreamcode.

Hoodie is of course true open source, not encumbered with venture capital and built by a diverse community with the world in mind.



Jan Lehnardt