Android Architecture

June 04, 2015 12:48

At the beginning of the development of an app important architecture questions need to be answered. In this talk the basic architecture of all Kupferwerk apps will be shown. Kupferwerk is one of the leading german app agencies, responsible for example for apps like Maxdome, 7TV and the c't Tablet app. All our experience from this development is brought back into a scaffold app as a basis for all new app projects. This app integrates all our standard libraries and gives all teams a common working ground.

The talk will briefly show the important libraries that we use as part of this base app and will describe their interaction. In the second part of the talk we will talk about common architecture questions. Which best practices are used by Kupferwerk? How do I build an app that has all its contents offline available? What are the common concepts I need to think about if an app should be rolled out as a white lable app with multiple app versions in the app store? Which decisions make it easier to automatically test the code and the UI of the app?



Janusz Leidgens


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