Enterprise Serverless Integrations with Camel and Kubernetes

April 25, 2019 03:37

Camel has been the defacto platform for doing enterprise integrations. But with serverless becoming more popular and commonly used architectural patterns; in this session we will see how to apply common enterprise integration patterns(EIP) with Camel and Kubernetes with Knative handling the serverless workloads.

In this demo filled session we are going to explore:

  • Installing and setting up Camel-K
  • Understand the various components of Camel-K
  • Build and Deploy a very simple camel route
  • Exposing Camel endpoints as Knative services/channels
  • Build and Deploy a route that can integrate with Knative Eventing channel(s)
  • Quickly
    • Scale your applications to need of the hour
    • Integrate your application with other services such e.g to Slack or another API
  • Finally no package i.e. Camel Routes will deployed as sources



Kamesh Sampath


An Author, Consultant and Developer Advocate; Kamesh is Product Manager for Managed and Developer Services at Red Hat.

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