Apache DeviceMap

November 18, 2014 16:35

We experience a growing number of mobile phones, tablets, phablets, smart TV and similar devices flooding the market almost every day. Capturing the specification of each device is a tough job. If you want to create a comfortable user experience you need dynamic content according to hardware and browser specifications of your device. That’s the reason why Device Description Repositories (DDR) exist.

Apache DeviceMap is a collaborative effort to create a comprehensive open-source and open-data repository of device information, images and other relevant information for all types of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, smart TV, etc.. Much of the code was donated from the OpenDDR project, and participants come from many different companies.

The project began in January 2012, later that year OpenDDR contributed DDR APIs for Java and. NET. Ongoing steps are a common device repository, a storage structure and maintenance of device data by the Apache community.



Werner Keil