Introduction to OroCRM and OroPlatform

October 27, 2014 00:00

OroCRM provides CRM functionality with a focus on B2C needs, where most other CRMs focus on B2B. As it is created by the people behind the creation of Magento, its not surprising that it comes with integration for Magento shops out of the box. For example shopping carts (including abondoned carts) can be imported allowing reporting on the data as well as marketing activities targeted based on buying patterns. In fact OroCRM can also work as a help desk for Magento shops as it is possible to complete orders from OroCRM. What makes OroCRM particular interesting is that it is based on Symfony2, one of the most popular PHP application frameworks today. This enables customization of OroCRM to specific needs. The OroCRM team infact built a business application framework on top of Symfony2, called OroPlatform, to enable anyone to quickly build business tools on top of Symfony2.



Lukas Kahwe Smith