WE can CODE better - Sapporo Ruby Kaigi 2012

September 15, 2012 00:00

The talk has shown what developers can learn from professional athletes, bodybuilders and circus performers (sic!). I've introduced concept of programming workout. The idea in its core is really simple.

It consists of regular and methodical practice of following skills: - programming building blocks/high level skills (OO design, TDD, refactoring, strategies for dealing with legacy code etc.) - auxiliary skills/low level skills (touch typing, editor commands, shell scripting, git wizardry, creative thinking etc.)

In a similar way as bodybuilders, athletes and performers have routine workouts to train their muscles, primary and auxiliary skills.

In order to be successful they need to be consistent, persistent and smart about how they train.

The hard part lies in designing a routine that is challenging, effective and interesting enough to make sure you will still follow it after few weeks.



Michał Taszycki


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