Flour Water Salt Elixir The Fundamentals of Artisanal Hardware Hacking

January 12, 2023 15:22

What’s more fun than telling computers what to do? Combining programming with other activities you love! As a bread lover and amateur baker, that was hitting the sweet spot in sourdough fermentation using a Raspberry PI, sensors, and some 3D printing. In this talk, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of interacting with the physical world from Elixir using the Nerves framework. You’ll hear fun stories about implementing bewitched protocols to get data out of sensors, and along the way we’ll talk about the basics of naturally-leavened bread. Hopefully you’ll walk away inspired to hack your hobby!



Ole Michaelis


Curator of slidr.io & so coded. Passionate Software Engineer | DevOps. I <3 node, ruby, php, metrics, NoSQL and all bleeding edge stuff!!

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