Plumbin' Pipelines with Gulp.js - 3hr Workshop

November 10, 2015 00:00

With JavaScript being no toy language anymore our demands on a high quality development environment have risen tremendously. One part of a good development environment are build tools, and Gulp.js -- being the JavaScript streaming build system -- is but one of the many choices a developer has nowadays. For many however, it's considered to be the best! In this three hour workshop, we will take a good look into Gulp and its possibilities. After our in-depth 3 hour course you will be able to do the following:

  • Know how Gulp's API and the ecosystem of its plugins work
  • Create parallel and sequential execution chains to be in total control of your build flow
  • Know how 3rd party Node modules evolve around Gulp and how they can be integrated
  • Create incremental builds to speed up your build time
  • Know how streams work in Node.js
  • And use stream arrays and merge streams to plumb together sophisticated pipelines doing all the work for you

Join us and become a build plumber!

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Stefan Baumgartner


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