Speed Index, explained

November 19, 2015 00:00

In the land of web performance metrics, Speed Index is one of the most promising and robust ones around. Taking the visual progress on the user's screen into account instead of merely relying on navigation timings, it promises to give real feedback on the user experience of your website.

But is it really the silver bullet? What's the catch? Can we even "cheat" on getting a better score? In this talk, we will get to the bottom of Speed Index:

– We will learn how Speed Index is calculated and what you need to measure your own site's Speed Index – We will see which pain points Speed Index tackles, and what you can do to optimize your site to get a better score – We learn where the downsides of this metric are and if it should be of any concern to you – Last, but not least, we will check how we can overcome those downsides with additional, non-disruptive monitoring to get an even better view of your site's performance.



Stefan Baumgartner


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