The Full-stack education paradoxon

August 15, 2015 14:47

As web developers, we are not recognized for our scientific research but we are still the people pushing the web forward every day/week/month of the year. How do we fit into this classic science ecosystem and do we need the system at all?

Initiatives such as OTS, Rails Girls, NodeSchool, Codeweek are good in getting people into programming and they are also more inclusive than classic institutions such as universities. So why does someone still think about attending a university? Does anyone really need to go there to learn tooling and programming?

In this talk we will take you on a journey on how our department evolved (now 7 years old) and what we did to address at least a dozen of issues we had with our department within this system.

Our goal is to teach people everything they need to become a Full-stack developer someday.



Hannes Moser


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