The FullStack Education Paradox

October 27, 2015 11:31

In this talk Hannes, who is a young lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, will share the story on how his department (now 6 years old) evolved, and what they did to address at least a dozen issues they had with their department within the academic system.

Hannes is passionate about teaching. At his university there is a department dedicated to web engineering, so he is lucky enough to teach something fancy and new every year, but the basics of computer science still need to be explored in the courses.

At Hannes' department they are deeply in love with new technologies and they try to be as progressive as possible. Node.js/io.js, Ruby on Rails, Continuous Delivery with docker, agile workflows and all the stuff you have never heard of during your computer science classes, are part of their identity. The department's goal is to teach people everything they need to become a full-stack developer someday.

This talk explores topics such as getting science and economics together, how they translate theoretical computer science topics into something useful for web developers, and how they manage to not be like any other academic institution.



Hannes Moser


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