Building a serverless company on AWS lambda and Serverless framework

December 13, 2017 00:00 is a new electricity company building a sophisticated analytics and energy trading platform for the UK market. Since the earliest draft of the platform, we took the unconventional decision to go serverless and build the product on top of AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework using Node.js. In this talk, I want to discuss why we took this radical decision, what are the pros and cons of this approach and what are the main issues we faced as a tech team in our design and development experience. We will discuss how normal things like testing and deployment need to be re-thought to work on a serverless fashion but also the benefits of (almost) infinite self-scalability and the peace of mind of not having to manage hundreds of servers. Finally, we will underline how Node.js seems to fit naturally in this scenario and how it makes developing serverless applications extremely convenient.




Application architecture


cloud computing



Luciano Mammino


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