Introducing Middy, Node.js middleware engine for AWS Lambda (FrontConf Muni

December 09, 2017 00:00

One of the main strengths of serverless and AWS Lambda is that, from a developer perspective, your focus is mostly shifted toward implementing business logic. Anyway, when you are writing an handler, you still have to deal with some common technical concerns outside business logic, like input parsing and validation, output serialization, error handling, etc. Very often, all this necessary code ends up polluting the pure business logic code in your handlers, making the code harder to read and to maintain. In other contexts, like generic web frameworks (express, fastify, hapi, etc.), this problem has been solved using the middleware pattern. Middy brings the middleware pattern into AWS Lambda making it easier to focus on business logic and reuse the boilerplate code across different functions.



Luciano Mammino


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