Whirlwind tour through the HTTP2 spec

November 05, 2015 12:05

This is the 20 Minute version I gave at Codemotion Berlin.

The HTTP protocol has made a long way since its first version HTTP V0.9 in 1991 and with the final release of the HTTP2 spec at the beginning of 2015 a whole next chapter of web development is ahead of us! After a quick tour through the protocol history, we will mine the gems from in HTTP/2 spec and see why this is a awesome step for a modern web. We will also see what you can use today and why today's best practices are tomorrow's antipatterns.



Ole Michaelis


Curator of slidr.io & so coded. Passionate Software Engineer | DevOps. I <3 node, ruby, php, metrics, NoSQL and all bleeding edge stuff!!

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