CSS Laid Out

January 17, 2013 00:00

Laying out websites has traditionally been a pain. In the past lie a hundred thousand discarded HTML table elements and twisted, disfigured floated elements. In the future are the bright lights of flexbox and grid layouts. But where do we stand now? How should we be laying sites out in 2013?

Links from the presentation: Table layouts: Everything you know about CSS is wrong — Rachel Andrew — http://www.digital-web.com/articles/everythingyouknowaboutCSSIswrong/

Flex box: Getting Boxfresh with Flexbox — Anthony Killeen — http://www.12devsofxmas.co.uk/post/2013-01-02-day-8-getting-boxfresh-with-flexbox Flexbox — fast track to layout nirvana? — Chris Mills — http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/flexbox-basics/ Using CSS flexible boxes — MDN — https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/CSS/UsingCSSflexible_boxes

Grids: Giving Content Priority with CSS3 Grid Layout — Rachel Andrew — http://24ways.org/2012/css3-grid-layout/

The presentation and demos can be found at http://philnash.github.com/css-laid-out



Phil Nash


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