With Cloud Native never build your application, just Continuously Integrate

August 28, 2022 04:02

Despite the broad adoption of Cloud Native architectures, many companies wonder why they haven’t increased their developer productivity and software delivery velocity. One of the reasons is their adherence to traditional ways of building and deploying applications.

Kubernetes has become the Cloud Native de-facto standard for container orchestration. It offers radically easy scaling and fault tolerance. Despite this, not many CI systems utilize the benefits of kubernetes. None of the existing build system offers the capabilities that are native to Kubernetes like in-cluster building, defining the build resources using CRDs, leveraging underlying security and access control etc., These missing features of Kubernetes made the Cloud Native architectures to be less effective and more complex.

In this session we will explore an Open Source project Drone -- a cloud native self-service Continuous Integration platform -- . Though 10 years old, Drone offers a mature, Kubernetes based CI system harnessing the scaling and fault tolerance characteristics of Cloud xNative architectures. The session will also explore the characteristics of Drone; Simplicity, Cloud Native, Decoupled and Declarative with a demo that will show how to define drone pipelines to do a self-service continuous integration, facilitating quicker builds and faster deployments to cloud native platforms like Kubernetes.



Kamesh Sampath


An Author, Consultant and Developer Advocate; Kamesh is Product Manager for Managed and Developer Services at Red Hat.

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