AWS Lambda and Serverless framework: lessons learned while building a serve

January 26, 2017 00:00 is a new electricity company that is building a sophisticated analytics and energy trading platform for the UK market. Since the earliest days of the company we took the unconventional decision to go serverless and finally we are building the product on top of AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework using Node.js. In this talk we will discuss why we took this radical decision, what are the pros and cons of this approach and what are the main issues we faced as a tech team in our design and development experience. We will discuss how normal things like testing and deployment need to be re-thought to work on a serverless fashion but also the benefits of (almost) infinite auto-scalability and the piece of mind of not having to manage hundreds of servers. Finally we will underline how Node.js seems to fit naturally in this scenario and how it makes developing serverless applications extremely convenient.

Thanks to Padraig O'Brien and Luciano Mammino for speaking this month.

Speakers Bio:

Padraig O'Brien

Podge @Podgeypoos79 is a software engineer for over 15 years, most of that was spent developing in .NET and SQL Server, designing and building large scale data intensive applications. Lately he has shifted towards open source technologies and is spending most of his time learning Node.js, Scala and cool data tech like Spark, Cassandra. He is also working on a “super-secret” project called UnicornDB, don’t tell anybody!

In his spare time he helps out with organising some meetups like NodeSchool Dublin, NodeSchool Dun Laoghaire and teaching Kanban via Agile Lean Ireland.

Luciano Mammino

Luciano @loige is a Software Engineer born in 1987, the same year that the Nintendo released “Super Mario Bros” in Europe, which, “by chance” is his favourite game! His primary passion is code and he is extremely fascinated by the web, smart apps and everything that's creative like music, art and design. He started coding at the age of 12 using his father's old i386 provided only with DOS and the qBasic interpreter.He is a senior software developer at Planet9Energy in Dublin and he loves JavaScript (React/Node.js). He is also the co-author of "Node.js design patterns" 2nd edition (Packt,

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Luciano Mammino


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