Universal JS Web Applications with React - Luciano Mammino - Codemotion Rom

March 26, 2017 00:00

Since we started to see JS on the server side, the dream of developers has been to reduce the gap and the cost of switch between frontend/backend technologies. Today with Node.js, React and a whole ecosystem of tools, this dream is becoming real! In this talk, I am going to discuss Universal (a.k.a. Isomorphic) JavaScript and present some practical example regarding the significant patterns related to routing, data retrieval and rendering. I will use Node, React, Webpack, Babel and React Router and give you a series of example to get you started easily with this new technology trend.

(interactive slides at http://slides.com/lucianomammino/universal-js-web-applications-with-react-codemotion-rome-2017 )



Luciano Mammino


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